Forbes Magazine: “The Key to getting a job offer is a 90-day plan”

We have all been through it, the first job interview, and the first intimidating interviewer. Our parents teach us as much as they can, but the nerves still get to us. Behind every job application is preparation; in order to be the best job candidate, it is important to have a plan in mind. According to Forbes, the key to getting an offer is a 90-day plan. In order to create a plan, you must prepare a tailored plan to each job opportunity.

Forbes breaks down the preparation process into 5 simple points:

  1. “What are the departmental goals and objectives?”
  2. “What are the position’s main priorities?”
  3. “Who are the people I would need to meet with to help me reach my goals?”
  4. “What are the quick fixes and what requires more time?”
  5. “How will I measure my progress?”

All of these questions are meant to set you apart from the competition. Having a plan of what YOU can do for any company within the first 90-days on the job will help the employer move the business forward.

This strategy shows initiative, efficiency, and motivation for success. Similarly to this strategy, YES prepares young adults to go into interviews confident and prepared with the tools to succeed.

One YES candidate who completed the program said, “YES really helped me learned the do’s and don’ts for interviews and job applications. Going through the YES program made me feel confident and ready to jump into interviews and find my first job!”

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