One Year Later: Jose is Thriving!

One of the greatest joys of working at YES is hearing from graduates just how much our program has impacted and changed their lives. We recently had the privilege to see Jose Torres, a YES graduate, and to hear an update on everything that he’s been up to in the last year.

Jose’s duties have changed dramatically at Ultra Mobile since starting with a temporary, part-time position back in 2016. He was proud to tell us that he now holds a permanent, part-time position to support the Manager of Supply and Chain Logistics.  His responsibilities include supporting retailers, the warehouse, and the Ultra TV Program, which is an exclusive marketing tool that is nearly at the point of sale. Jose shared with us, “while I like the fact I have certain things I am responsible for, there is a lot of variety. I like that every day is a bit different. I like the interaction with our field representatives and retailers…”

A year ago, Kristin, Vice President of Enterprise Services Group at Ultra Mobile remarked on how Jose exudes the attitude and enthusiasm that Ultra Mobile wants to see in their employees. Today, she remarks that Jose’s willingness to learn new things and to be a team player has helped him to excel within the company and have afforded him these new opportunities.

Jose’s part-time availability at Ultra Mobile allows him to still to pursue school and attend his classes at Santa Ana College. Jose appreciates all of the valuable lessons that he learned through the YES program because it helped him to land his job at Ultra Mobile which he says, “helps me help my family.”