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Our Board. Our Beginnings.

At YES, we help young adults prepare for and secure their first jobs. Often these first steps lead to a long-term career. Our Board of Directors share their initial experiences in the work force, and their career successes today.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Board President

Janet Randolph, Vice President, Human Resources, Telogis

My first job was in sales, at Judy’s in the Cerritos Mall; I was 16. At Judy’s I learned that attentive customer service and a can-do attitude are vital in business. I earned commissions on sales made, and remember how motivating it was to be recognized for performance both on the floor and in my paycheck. I am now a human resources executive. My early career performance rewards and recognition experience has been a valuable and important lesson I have frequently recalled during the course of my career in HR

Janet Randolph currently is Vice President, Human Resources at the connected intelligence software firm Telogis, with expertise in global talent management and leading organizational and cultural change in support of business growth and performance.


Board CFO

Eric Juarez, Arden Insurance Services

My first real job was working the prune harvest on my aunt and uncle’s farm in Northern California. I worked on the farm during the summers while in high school. The first thing I had to do was learn to drive a tractor with a forklift on the back. The forklift was used to load the prunes on to the trucks. Then I got to drive.


Board Secretary

John Archer, Tele Communications Systems, Inc.

I had several jobs in high school, all at the same time starting at age 16. I was a salesperson for a friend’s camera store, newscaster for a local radio station, reporter for a local newspaper and organist for Army Chapels at Ft. Knox.

John Archer – today a consultant for Nomir Medical – is a marketing and product management leader with a proven track record hiring exceptional product managers, and creating innovative products and marketing strategies for new and challenging product areas.

Board Committee Chairs


Chair, Board Development

Karla Fosburg, Vice President, Human Resources, Freedom Innovations

At age 16 while attending high school, I was making $1.40 per hour in my first job at Kentucky Fried Chicken in North Long Beach. It was a great experience – learning about customer service and the concept that the customer is always right, learning about efficiently delivering top quality products, learning the back-end details of a retail establishment, and learning about commitment and time management. Before long I was opening the closing the store and training new hires. It is amazing to think about the amount of responsibility they were willing to give me and how valuable those lessons would apply to my adult career.

Today, Karla is the global director of human resources at Freedom Innovations in Irvine where she applies her expertise in organizational design and development, leadership consulting and talent acquisition and management. Among her many responsibilities are staff training, senior management advisement, succession planning and talent recruiting.


Chair, Programs

Jill Tomac, President, Leadership Resource Group 

My first job was a camp counselor in upstate New York. At age 16 I was responsible for organizing, instructing, nurturing and inspiring a group of third graders. While highly rewarding, the job was physically and emotionally demanding. The experience taught me a great deal about responsibility, organization, empathy and motivation. What I came to realize was that these children looked up to me as a role model and absorbed everything I did and said. It also taught me about the importance of modeling expected behaviors and being mindful of my word choices.

Tomac continues to apply those skills today as the founder of the Leadership Resource Group where she guides her clients toward a collaborative management approach while ensuring their goals are achieved. She is a member of Maria Shriver’s M Team, and her work has been highlighted in the Orange County Business Journal and the book, Coaching for the New Century, for which she is a contributing author.

Daniela SantaMaria

Chair, Fund Development

Daniela SantaMaria, Regional Program Manager, Wells Fargo

What I learned very quickly during my first job as an ‘over-the-phone’ technician for Sears was that customer service is just as important over the phone as it is in person. My biggest challenge was to build rapport with the customers who called in. This was crucial because they needed to trust that I could resolve their appliance issues right then and there, instead of having to wait for an in-person technician to arrive at their location.

Daniela has carried these customer service skills throughout her career and into her current position as regional program manager for Wells Fargo and its employee financial wellness program, “Wells at Work.” She joined the bank in 2004 after earning her bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.

Board Members


Fund Development Committee

Kaleigh E. Causey, Senior Associate, Pimco

My first job was tutoring algebra and geometry for high school students. I loved (and still love) math and working with numbers, and was excited to find a job that paid me to help students do homework and study for tests. Through tutoring, I learned how to explain difficult and complex topics in a simple way.

That skill is critical to her finance career now. As a senior associate at PIMCO, Kaleigh’s expertise covers the complete financial spectrum, from analysis, CRM and investment management to fixed income strategies and leadership consulting. She is currently attending UCLA’s Anderson School of Management to earn an MBA. She graduated with honors from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Wendy Cullen

Marketing/PR Committee

Wendy Cullen, Vice Chancellor, Admissions, Argosy University

My first job was as a waitress ​when I was 19 at Eat N’ Park in Western Pennsylvania where I grew up ​(l​ike a Denny’s or COCO’s ​for those from California​!​)​.​ My ​first​ name tag ​stated my name and: “I’m New but I’m Learning ​.”​ I was so excited when I graduated to a regular name tag,​ which meant I passed my training program. I was soon promoted to shift supervisor, new store training specialist, and then promoted to the store management trainee program.

Wendy has continued her career leading teams in several industries including telecommunications, education and consumer package goods. Today, ​she leads the admissions efforts at Argosy University,​ which supports one of the largest graduate student communities in the nation through 28 campus locations across the United States as well as a number of degree programs online. At the campuses and online, Argosy University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.


Marketing/PR Committee

Ric Hattabaugh, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, FieldConnect, Inc.

My first paid jobs were bailing hay when I was 14 during summer in Indiana. I walked to work.  Not much farming done in winter, so when I got my license I became a dishwasher at Perkins Pancake House. After some months, I decided that I wanted a job where I’d have a clean shirt after work, so I tried telemarketing. Telemarketing was harder than either of my first jobs, so I quickly rejoined the restaurant industry as a busboy making barely enough to drive my 1966 Pontiac to work and school. Looking back, I learned that the difference between a job I liked and one I didn’t was mostly my attitude.

Ric Hattabaugh has been head of sales and/or marketing at a series of tech startups/restarts in the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County.


Finance/Legal Committee

Matt Heisler, Managing Director, Grant Thornton, LLP

My first job was at a produce store in rural southwest Michigan. For about five summers during my high school and college years, I planted trees and bushes and installed decorative landscaping in the area where affluent Chicago residents spent their summers. Looking back, it taught me the value of showing up on time, being dependable, taking on responsibility, being forthright and honest, responding to market opportunities and doing it all while still having fun. I never felt like it was ‘work’. Oh, those days were the best!

In his current “work” position, Heisler is still having fun and using those first job values to lead Grant Thornton’s national Audit Risk Management group, finding solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of audited organizations. His 16 years of experience includes designing and auditing internal controls over financial reporting, information technology controls and internal audit co-sourcing. He also serves as a frequent speaker, instructor and facilitator at nationwide training conferences.


Fund Development Committee

Javier Iglesias, Banking Manager, US Bank

My first job was working as a prep cook at a San Diego beach side restaurant. I obtained a work permit through school as soon as I turned 15 1/2 and applied in person that day, knowing they hired at an early age. The manager was impressed that I applied so quickly after obtaining the permit, so I got the job on the spot.  I continued there for a few years and worked my way through virtually every position at a restaurant. I thrived in the high-paced environment that taught me to always smile, stay busy, and provide a great experience to customers. To this day, I love to cook seafood, since my last position was as a head cook, grilling fish!

Today, Javier Iglesias works with a team of Relationship Managers and Business Owners as a Banking Manager at U.S. Bank, leveraging the customer service skills learned on his first jobs.

Mark Schauwecker

Mark Schauwecker, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Foundation Building Materials

“At 15, my first job was at Karl’s Toys in the newly opened Main Place Mall. The store window was decoration with stuck-on Garfields and it seemed like a fun place to be! I learned a lot about customer service and going the extra mile for great customer care. I met one of my first mentors at Karls and the life lessons have stuck with me to today.”

Mark Schauwecker is the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Foundation Building Materials. He collaborates with management through management reporting and long range planning to profitably grow the business. Mark has 20 years of experience in finance, mostly in FP&A and commercial support in distribution, Life Sciences, and technology.


Finance/Legal Committee

Mark Skaist, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, P.C.

When I was 16, my first job was sweeping trash at Universal Studios for $2.10 per hour of which I had to pay union dues. It was pretty tough job – emptying trash cans, hauling trash bags to the incinerator, refilling condiments and cleaning my work area long after the park closed for the night. At the time, however, I thought it was great – my first foray into the entertainment industry. The best part was sneaking into Universal Amphitheater to watch concerts after my shift was over.

From that humble entry into the working world, Skaist today holds the positions as shareholder and co-chair of Stradling’s corporate and securities practice while serving on the first executive committee. As a specialist in corporate and securities law, his responsibilities include public and private securities offerings, venture capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property.


Marketing/PR Committee

Rachel Stam Trindade, CMO, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Consultant, Teletrac Navman

Growing up in Houston, Texas, I spent the weeks leading up to my 16th birthday looking for my first job. Clothworld, a local sewing store, was hiring and introduced me to my first real taste of work. Watching people turn fabric into beautiful clothes and home furnishings really tapped into my creative side and left a lasting impression.

Today, Rachel says she gets to use her creativity on a daily basis as a marketing professional as chief marketing officer, vice president of marketing and marketing consultant at Teletrac Navman, a Fortive company where her talents include marketing strategy and execution, demand and lead generation, product and content marketing, sales analytics, brand management, public relations and corporate communications, channel marketing and strategic alliances, event management and much more.

Martin Klein

Fund Development Committee

Martin Klein, Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management

My first job was maintaining the church buildings and grounds with two other high school friends – after school and during the summer. Other than assuring that the church was spotless for Sunday services, we scrubbed bathrooms, waxed floors, cut grass, trimmed trees, painted buildings, washed windows, shoveled snow, repaired furniture and anything the church needed.  Since none of the three of us had any training in some of these tasks, we rented library books and taught ourselves.

Martin Klein is senior vice president of RBC Wealth management where he advises high net-worth clients. His expertise in stock analysis, investments, capital markets is backed by 13 years of experience in positions with the U.S. House of Representatives, the White House and the U. S. Small Business Administration. He has been a guest lecturer, and has hosted the Los Angeles public television show “Small Business Views” focusing on a broad range of topics stemming from the White House Conference on Small Business.

Finance/Legal Committee

Marjorie Terner, Retired Senior Counsel, The Boeing Company

As a young teen, I found many ways to earn money – babysitting, raking leaves and counting and bagging worms at my friend’s family worm farm. My first ‘real’ job, however, was as a substitute newspaper carrier when I was 15. At the time, the newspaper would not hire girls, but I convinced it to let me take over my brother’s route. It was hard work for me physically, but I honored my commitment to finish the summer. I also was responsible for collecting subscription fees and providing an accounting while learning the importance of careful record-keeping.

Recently retired from her position as senior counsel for The Boeing Company, Marjorie provided a broad range of advice to senior management for the company’s Defense and Space Systems Division on issues that included federal procurement, commercial satellite sales and deployment of anti-terrorism technology.

Honorary Board

Evelyn Hart, Chair
Former Mayor of Newport Beach

Iman Bar, M.D.

Fred Bockmiller
Former Board Member and UCI

Ivan Calderon
Co-Founder, Taco Mesa and Taco Rosa Restaurants

Robert Dees
President Orange Coast College, Retired

Bruce Fetter
President & Chief Operating Officer, St. John Knits, Inc.

Wing Lam
Co-Founder, Wahoos Fish Taco

Gwyn Parry, M.D.
Director of Community Medicine, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Avi Pai
Provence Wealth Management Group, Former Board Member

Arlene Schafer
Former Mayor of Costa Mesa

Valerie Schmidt
Founder Executive Coaching

Richard Watts
Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Retired