Our Team

YES is staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals who are joined in their commitment to make a difference in the lives of youth!


Our Staff

Wendy Weeks

Wendy Weeks,
Executive Director

Wendy Weeks joined YES in 2015, bringing expertise that is empowering YES to expand its reach and opportunities. Previously, she placed adults in jobs through the Orange County One-Stop Center and she worked in Community Affairs with The Home Depot Foundation, where she funded and managed projects assisting our nation’s veterans. In addition, Wendy tackled challenging initiatives at Project Access, a prominent Orange County nonprofit.

Wendy works diligently to foster relationships with funders, donors and community partners to fortify our fundraising activities and expand our program offerings. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her exuberance is inspiring.

“My first job was working summers at my dad’s machine shop in Huntington Beach. Once summer was over, I joined the local bakery, Herb’s Blackforest Bakery, where I learned my customer service skills and knew that helping people was my passion.”


Michelle Tachick

Michelle Tachick,
Program Specialist

Michelle Tachick brings to YES over 25 years of experience in sales, training, customer service, leadership and public speaking with companies such as Nordstrom and Creative Memories. This experience, coupled with her passion for working with people, is a great asset to YES as she works with local schools and community leaders to develop and expand YES programs. In addition, Michelle has been involved with National Charity League for 14 years, volunteers with a number of philanthropies, and is actively involved with all her kid’s schools and sports activities.

“I took on two first jobs as I wanted to buy my own car. I worked at a very cool jewelry store, as well as Taco Time where I became a shift supervisor at age 16. My parents raised us to always do our best, and go above and beyond. As a result, I developed a great work ethic, and learned that you could have anything if you work hard enough.”


Imelda Martinez

Imelda Martinez,
Program and Outreach Specialist

Imelda joined the YES team in February 2017 as our full-time Program and Outreach Specialist. She is a recent graduate from California State University, Fullerton with a major in Human Services, where she gained much experience working with youth in different community settings. Imelda is very passionate about working with and empowering youth and young adults to become the best version of themselves and is very much looking forward to working with the community to expand the YES program as well as working with clients on their individual employment goals. In her free time, you can find Imelda hiking Mt. Wilson or enjoying a new book.

Imelda will be co-located out of the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1-5:30pm.

“For my first job, I was hired as a temporary associate at ADP, LLC at the age of 16, helping them wrap their quarter work for tax season. When I was 19, I was hired on as a permanent associate, learning all the functions of the production department where I developed a strong work ethic, learned how to work as part of a team, and learned how to effectively communicate with clients and coworkers on a global level. Working at ADP for so long helped me realize just how much I enjoyed working with people to achieve their desired goals.”


Maureen Hausen

Maureen Hausen,
Program Analyst

Maureen is a seasoned administrative coordinator, most recently coming from UCI where she supported the fundraising efforts of student scholarship and program support for Student Affairs. Her desire to help others reach their goals is matched by her optimism and belief that we can all get where we want to be with the right kind of help.

“One of my first jobs was with a telephone answering service. At that time, we didn’t yet have answering machines, let alone voicemail; there was no 911, and doctors worked off beepers. I worked at an old-fashioned board with cords that enabled me to answer ordinary lines like residences and small businesses. As I gained experience I was placed on the “the doctor’s board” where lines often rang simultaneously with serious after-hours emergencies like heart attacks. This honed my ability to stay calm in a storm, multitask, and never let on to the caller that I was scrambling.”


Sheeva Lotfian

Sheeva Lotfian
Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator

Sheeva Lotfian joined YES as the new Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator. She brings to the team years of experience actively serving as a volunteer with various organizations along with her expertise with recruiting, training, and leading volunteers on overseas trips. She is excited that this position allows her to combine her heart for helping young adults to grow and reach their full potential along with her passion for encouraging, empowering, and serving alongside volunteers. She looks forward to building up YES’ social media platforms and online presence to better raise awareness and to draw more people towards the program. In her free time Sheeva enjoys drawing, watching football, and exploring beach towns up and down the coast.

“I got my first job at my high school – Sage Hill School. I worked at the receptionist desk during our school’s summer and holiday breaks. My parents always told me that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. Working from a young age taught me discipline, and helped me to develop a strong work ethic, while also giving me a great sense of responsibility over my choices and my life.”