Success Stories

"YES doesn't rest until you get your dream job!"

- Ahmad Alatab

Ahmad’s Success Story

“After a lot of rejection, I realized I needed more than just a degree; I needed an outstanding resume to get and ‘ace’ an interview. Then fate came into play. I saw the YES sign, entered the door and knew something incredible was going to happen. I learned how to build an eye-catching resume and how to conduct myself during an interview to convey confidence. They taught me the proper skill set when you step outside their door and start job hunting. Even when you finish the program, they continue to help by inviting you to networking nights and sharing job postings. They truly do not rest until you achieve your dreams!” Today, Alatab loves his job as a Cloud Application Engineer at Open Text, a leader in enterprise information management.

"I Couldn’t Have Done It without YES!"

- Jose Torres

Jose’s Success Story

Spirited, sharp and articulate, YES grad Jose Torres exudes the attitude and enthusiasm we’d all like to see in our employees. “I love this job, and it wouldn’t have happened without YES,” he admits.

Jose, an 18-year old Santa Ana resident, has had other jobs. But it wasn’t until YES connected him with Ultra Mobile, did he get passionate about work.

Of everything he learned in the YES program, he thinks the mock interview is the most valuable. “My video interview with Ultra Mobile went so well that they hired me on the spot, and I started less than a week later,” he explains.

After only three weeks on the job, Jose’s responsibilities expanded to include financial responsibilities and data entry. He is eager to start at Santa Ana college, grateful he and his supervisor have arranged a mutually beneficial schedule.

Supervisor Annie Tran says: “Jose is just a champ! He impressed us with his professionalism during a video interview and we hired him right away as a temporary employee. His smile and can-do attitude earned praise on his work and attitude, as well as a spot as a permanent part-time employee.”

If you would like to hear an update on how Jose is doing, a year later, click here to read more!

"I Take My YES Skills with Me Everywhere"

- Lauren Buangan

Lauren’s Success Story

YES alum Lauren Buangan used her YES experience to create a video about YES (see video below), showcased at YES’s annual fundraiser, for a film class that won a social issues scholarship. “I take my YES skills everywhere with me,” she explained. “As part of the application process to UCLA’s theater program, which has a 4.2% acceptance rate, an interview was required. I am proud to say I am part of that 4.2% and attend UCLA as a theater student. I am positive that it was not only my stellar resume, originally formatted by YES, but the interview that tipped the scales in my favor.” Lauren was hired by Aaron Brothers in 2010 within several weeks of completing the YES program, where she continued to work for four and a half years while earning her undergraduate degree.