Work Advice: Teen can use job search as preparation for adulting

These days finding a great first job can be a challenge. With all the online applications, large volumes of applicants, and experienced competition, teens may need to make an extra effort to stand out when applying for jobs. There is more that goes into landing a job than just being polite, well-spoken, and looking professional.

It takes more than hitting the “submit” button on the online application – being able to develop and present these skills to employers is essential in landing a job. Career Coach Karla Miller outlines 5 skills to help teens get a job in an article in the Washington Post.

5 Essential Skills to Develop during a Job Search

YES offers employment skill-building workshops to help prepare young adults for the job search.

  1. Communication: It is important to show off your communication skills and call ahead to introduce yourself to employers, bring a list of references, and let employers know (by communicating) that you are very interested in learning more about positions they may have to offer.
  2. Social Skills: Express your social skills by showing that you are a team-player, and additionally use these skills and your social connections to network to find potential job openings.
  3. Self-control: Practice self-control and stay positive and motivated if at first you don’t succeed. Failure is an opportunity for learning and growth and it is impossible to reach your full potential if your career path is mistake-free.
  4. Higher-Order Thinking: Use high-order thinking and prioritize opportunities that you feel you are most qualified for, that you feel you are most likely to succeed, and reserve your energy for the top opportunities.
  5. Positive self-concept: Improve upon positive self-concept and get comfortable pitching your skills and assets – practicing the 30-second response to the “tell me about yourself” question that is most dreaded (and most important) in interviews.

All of these “soft skills” are essential in order to succeed in the job market. Many schools do not teach students these beneficial skills when applying for a job. This is where YES comes into play in helping teens and young adults get and keep a job. YES offers workshops and a personal job referral process that develops this skill set to help ease the job search process.

Although it may take some time and lots of effort, YES encourages you to not give up when looking for a job. We are here to boost your confidence and want to see you succeed!