YES Press Release – NonProfit Helps Turn Ice Cream Job Into Cornell Education

Orange County Non-Profit Helps Turn an Ice Cream Job into a Cornell Education

Megan’s First Job Makes a Difference in Her Life and That of Her Employer

February 19, 2013 — Costa Mesa, CA— Youth Employment Service (YES), serving young people and the business community for over forty years, continues to make a difference in the lives of youth and employers. Although YES emphasizes helping youth, there are benefits for employers as well.

Helen Connelly has owned Sugar ‘n Spice on Balboa Island for nearly 20 years.  Each year when summer arrives, she looks for employees she can help take that first step into the workplace. It’s a responsibility she takes seriously, because she knows that sometimes a first job can make a real difference in the life of a young person.  As Ms. Connelly explains, “You’re a part of their life even though it’s just a tiny shop.  They’re learning work ethics and I think even if they just work a summer, they’ll always remember this job – it’s part of their lives forever!”

Fourteen-year-old Megan is one employee Ms. Connelly will never forget; “When I first saw her from the window, she was standing outside looking very shy.  Her mother was standing a ways away.  She finally got up the courage to approach the window and apply.  I hired her and she worked for me for four years until she graduated high school.”

But Megan’s story was only beginning.  Megan applied to Cornell University and was accepted.  Ms. Connelly recalls: “The man who interviewed her told her the reason he was going to accept her into this prestigious university was because he saw that she had been working at an ice cream shop for four years.  He believed this showed loyalty and work ethic.”

“Employers rely on YES to refer youth who are prepared to accept a job’s responsibilities,” explained Kathy Du Vernet, Executive Director of YES. She continued: “Working with youth and employers, YES helps give youth the skills they need to get that most important first job.”

YES invites its friends and others interested in supporting youth to come to the 39th annual Roman Feast.  Held at the OASIS Evelyn Hart Event Center in Corona del Mar, on Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Roman Feast features dinner, exciting auctions, inspiring stories, and entertainment.

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