YES Program

Prepared for Work. Prepared for Life.

Helping young adults get and keep a job is what YES is all about. In fact, since our founding, we’ve helped about 50,000 young adults become employment-ready! Our curriculum-based services — at no cost — are delivered in an accessible, friendly environment at our resource center in Costa Mesa or on-site at schools and youth organizations. YES programs include:

Employment Skills Workshop: This class covers the essential skills needed to search for and secure employment. Candidates learn how to complete applications, write cover letters and resumes, interview with maturity and confidence, and dress appropriately. Participants learn how to stand out among the crowd and present him/herself in a professional, competent, and well-prepared manner.

Personal Finance Workshop: Candidates learn how to manage a paycheck, open a checking/savings account and budget and maintain good credit. This class is based on several financial institutions’ curricula, combined with YES’s years of experience. Local bank representatives often facilitate these classes.

Mock Interviews: On-site, video-taped mock interviews help candidates leverage their skills, calm their nerves in a safe “dress rehearsal” environment, and receive professional feedback from a corporate volunteer/“potential employer”.” Graduates often mention this as one of the most-valuable parts of YES training and getting the job!

Being the Best Employee Workshop: We provide participants with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to ensure success on the job and develop behaviors that make them shine! Candidates learn effective communication skills, business acumen, personal branding, and handling difficult situations, capably and professionally.

Job Search Assistance: Upon completion of all classes, graduates have access to the YES job board, one-on-one mentoring, life skills coaching, job search support, ongoing resume and application assistance, computer/phone and equipment access, and assistance in obtaining professional attire (in conjunction with YES partners). Annual job fairs connect employers with our graduates, helping them find meaningful employment, learning the value of work, expanding their skills and contributing to our community!

Get Prepared for Work. Prepared for Life! For additional information on these no-cost programs, contact:, 949.642.0474.

All young adults are required to complete the YES program in order to become YES certified and to have access to the job board and referrals.